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Dr. Darel Nelson wrote: “It is now 10:03 p.m. by my clock on the wall.  My eyes are bloodshot and my body aches from ’50 Years of Hunting and Fishing.’  I’m going to bed.  If I have recovered sufficiently by morning, I’ll try to continue reading.”

Samuel Sincere from Trenton, New Jersey, wrote: “I spent good money buying your book on the Internet, thinking that you would have some experiences that I would enjoy or could relate to.  How disappointed I was.  You are arrogant and obviously a poor shot and a poor sport or you would have quit those activities years ago.”  I appreciated Sam writing to me, but I don’t give much credence to anyone from Trenton, New Jersey.  What could he know about hunting and fishing?

A long critical review came from Gretchen Grody, President of WOARK (Women Organized Against Rape and Killing).  She couldn’t believe anyone could spend 50 years actively killing creatures that couldn’t defend themselves.  She continued by saying that rape was becoming so common that the organization was going to abandon any further financial or other support.  However, she was going to use my book as a national example for the need to eliminate hunting and fishing.  She was buying 50 copies of the book for all of the state chapters.  I thanked her for her remarks and especially for buying 50 copies of the book.