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Part 1A truly fascinating, humorous, exciting history and philosophy of hunting and fishing in 11 states, including Alaska, over the past 50 years.







Part 2More fascinating, humorous, exciting stories of hunting and fishing in 11 states and Alaska over the past 50 years.






Part 3The Old Man couldn’t quit hunting so he traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa, to continue his adventures. Travel with him in Part III of his adventure series as he harvests eleven animals in fifteen shots, including the difficult and dangerous Cape Buffalo. He will explain the present political and economic conditions of Zimbabwe. He will also take you to Victoria Falls, Zambia, to Tigerfish on the Zambezi River.





Part 4Join Ben D. Mahaffey and friends as they form a “Geriatric Trio” to travel to the Australian Outback in search of Buffalo, Wild Bulls, Deer, Kangaroos and other exotic animals. Click the image to purchase on Amazon.






Part 5This volume is a compilation of five books written by the author over the last decade. Many readers have read one or more of the books but don’t have the complete set. This compilation gives former readers and new readers hours of exciting reading. The first four books are similar, but the last book is “beyond hunting and fishing” in that it covers the life of Theodore Roosevelt, personal war stories, a discussion of the Constitution and other exciting features.



Part 6These stories are the latest and last hunting and fishing experiences of Ben D. Mahaffey. However, in this volume, he goes beyond hunting and fishing and talks about Theodore Roosevelt, the Constitution, politics, his war stories and his philosophies of life.





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